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Time to put the washing machine
T-shirt washing tips

At PubliEco we will give you some tips on how to wash printed t-shirts making them last much longer.

We will return the t-shirt

Wash the shirt upside down. This helps to protect our drawing. If you wash it upside down, you can prevent the T-shirt pattern from eroding.

Keep it upside down, also on the grill. And never iron the t-shirt print directly! Then you will be amazed at the result!

Attention to temperatures and heat
Cold wash or less than 30º

For both screen-printed and transfer-printed T-shirts, you need to know that the way we have to make the ink on the T-shirt is heat. So keep in mind that for this very reason the ink would gradually disappear if we gave heat to our shirt.

T-shirts are not just any piece, they have a special process that starts with the choice of the model, the design and finally the printing of the t-shirt. Once we have them and take them in love, we want them to last in our closet and be okay for as long as possible.

If you follow these simple washing and ironing tips, you can make your t-shirt last much longer, taking care of the pattern you love so much.

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Separate “hand wash” t-shirts from “machine”

This step is super important, as it is key to choosing the right washing process for each t-shirt and fabric. Usually on the label of the T-shirt manufacturer, the instructions for washing by means of symbols are detailed, here you can see if the T-shirt is suitable for machine washing or not.

Especially in the case of 100% cotton t-shirts, special care must be taken when washing. Also, consider the pattern on your T-shirt. Wash the shirt upside down.

If you wash it upside down, you will be able to avoid the erosion of the T-shirt print.

If possible, it should be machine washed or hand-washed or, in any case, machine-washed at a cool temperature in order to keep the colors and print in good condition.

For example, custom t-shirts with textile vinyl are usually handwashed for this reason.

It is best to wash all t-shirts by hand

You’re less likely to wear a T-shirt print, but if you’re too lazy, you can wash the washing machine with very cold water in a short wash.

Important: To keep your white T-shirts in good condition, no dryers and ironing, you should also monitor the temperature and spread it out tightly. We recommend ironing at a low temperature and putting a cloth over the stamp.

Separate your colored t-shirts

It is advisable to separate the shirts by color first. What seems like a simple task can complicate our existence by the number of different patterns and colors. Grouping can be a bit annoying when we have a big wash. The best thing is not to get anxious, and start separating light and dark colors.

The cotton of all life

Cotton is a fabric that we all like, it is a comfortable, versatile fabric that is used in all kinds of clothing, pants, dresses, socks, and underwear.

100% cotton is one of the fabrics we value the most, because it keeps the colors very well and you can wash it many times. It makes it one of the easiest tissues to care for.

Follow the recommendations

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations on washing each piece and drying it, with water temperature specifications will help keep the shirts better. And you will always have them like the first day.

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